The Dundee Women’s Trail celebrates just a few amazing women whose lives touched this city.

Join us as we take a walk in some great women’s shoes.

About the book

This beautifully produced and illustrated book is the perfect gift. As a companion to the walk it fits neatly into pocket or handbag. On rainy days step in to Dundee’s past from the comfort of your own hearth and read about the amazing women who contributed to Dundee’s fascinating history.


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Location Map

Each plaque is highlighted on the interactive map. Click on a number to view a snapshot relating to its associated woman.

You can also use location map to follow the trail on your smartphone. View the Trail smartphone guide.


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Many other women have made significant contributions to society in Dundee and beyond and perhaps you’d like to track down more information yourself, using the links to other resources on this website.


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Twenty-five Footsteps

Twenty-five women commemorated by bronze plaques in the city include artists, trades unionists, social reformers, suffragettes, a shipyard welder and a marine engineer. They are - or should be - the pride of Dundee. << >>

Further Footsteps

Many other women have made significant contributions to society in Dundee and beyond - in education, the arts, industry, business, health and social care - and some are simply 'weel kent' for being great characters!

Here are their names and some details about them.

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Carrie, Isabella Scrimgeour – schoolteacher, Suffragette


Isabella was born in 1878 in Arbroath, the daughter of Rev. Richard and Ann. She went to the local school and, at age fourteen she became a pupil teacher where she taught for four years. So she got some experience before… read more

Stewart, Sarah (Cissie) – Swimmer


Cissie was the first Dundonian ever to win an Olympic medal. Possibly the least acknowledged too! There was no celebratory razmataz at the Olympics in 1928, no podiums, no flag-waving . She was born in or near Dudhope Street and… read more

King, Janette “Jessie” Marguerite – Journalist


In her time, around 1890, Jessie was the first professional  and best-known woman journalist in Scotland.  She was one of four siblings, born in 1862 in Bankfoot, Perthshire, her father a shoemaker and her mother an ex-domestic servant.  A delicate and … read more